Metal Picture Frame Assembly


A. Select the frame section to be used on the bottom of the frame. Take one tapped angle with screws and one backing plate angle and put the “B” face to “B” face. Insert the angles into the slot on both ends of the bottom of the frame.


B. Slide one side section of the frame onto the angles in the bottom frame section until the mitred corners meet tightly. Secure the frame sections together by tightening the set screws, making sure the corners remain tightly butted together. Attach the other side frame section to the bottom section in the same manner. insert one hanger into side section with large hole facing the interior. Slide the hanger to the desired position and tighten the screw.


C. Insert work to be framed into the open end of the frame. Then using the remaining angles and the top frame section, insert angles into the appropriate slots of this top frame section. Slide this frame section into place over the work. Make sure the mitred joints on all corners are butted against one another, and secure the entire frame together by tightening the set screws in the angles.


D. Use the spring clips to hold the mounted works securely in the frame. Flatten the spring clips, if necessary, and slide them between the frame and the backing material. Once framing is completed, all mitred corners can be adjusted if necessary.