About Decor Frame


The Only Metal Picture Frame Store You Need

Since 1974, family owned Decor Frame has constantly worked to be your number one choice for quality selection and price when it comes to custom metal picture frames. You don’t have to be an expert at framing to buy from us. We supply frames to professional artists and photographers to help them make their creativity even more creative. We custom make frames for those hard to find dimensions required by unusually sized artwork. Decorators and designers love Decor Frames selection and customer service. And of course, the individual shopper looking for direct wholesale pricing loves the quality and price breaks we offer.

Contact us, check out our helpful links and framing assembly information or just try us out for your next metal picture frame project! Whether you are buying in bulk or just want one special frame at a time, we will do our best to make Decor Frame the only store you will ever need for your custom picture framing projects!

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